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    Crashing Issue

    jeremy brock

      I thought my computer would be good enough to run composer but if I open an assembly and move/rotate it to fast I get a graphics error, black screen where my model was, composer then crashes and closes. I am running composer 2014.


      My system

      Precision Workstation T3500

      12gig Ram

      Intel Xeon 2.53GHz

      NVIDIA Quadro 600 Graphics Card


      If it is my system that is the issue, what is a recommended graphics card I should purchase that is reasonably priced.

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          Kelvin Lamport

          Are you using the approved SW graphics card driver?

          Run the SolidWorks Rx tool to check.

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            John Matrishon

            There also some Hardware options in the Preferences that can cause issue with certain graphics cards.

            Here's the setting I have set under Advanced.  Keep in mind this is not the latest version.Hardware settings.JPG

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              jeremy brock

              Thanks you. I went and modified some of the settings and so far so good. I hope this resolved my issue.

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                Earl Hasz

                The common practice is to upgrade the drivers that are found on the SW website.  While this works great for SolidWorks, it is not necessarily going to resolve graphics issues for SW Composer.  These two tools have different requirements for the graphics card.  The NVIDIA Control Panel allows you to manage the 3D settings for your card.  SW Composer gets better performance when the settings are set up for the Dassault Systemes profile.  You can choose that profile in the Global Settings tab, note the settings that are defined, then apply those same values to the program specific settings on the Program Settings tab.  On the Global Settings tab reset the values back to the Base profile and apply.  This will ensure that the card is performing as expected with both SolidWorks as well as SW Composer.


                As for John's HardwareSupport settings, I do not have an issue with these as well.  The combination of these should help you get the most out of your graphics card for SW Composer.