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    ePDM Client installation without domain

    Isadora Calderon

      I have run into an issue that I believe has to do with us using windows login info instead of epdm user log in info. Everytime I install the client on a users computer, it requests that I connect to a domain in order to create the local vault view. This is fine for those computers that have windows premium and can log in to a domain, but most computers don't. It seems unreasonable to have to upgrade every single computer to windows professional in order to use pdm. Is there a way around this? Would I have to change the way the user logs into pdm? Also, every user does have windows log in info, but not have access to the domain.

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          Wayne Marshall

          Hi Isadora,


          So if I understand you correctly there is a Domain and each user has a Domain account, however the PC's in question log on locally. We use a similar set up in our office, since our laptops spend more time on the road than they do at our desks and we get around the authentication requirements for our Company Vault by authenticating using local user accounts, set up on the Archive Server, when we create a local view (it is only needed once).


          The users need to be listed in the section for granting 'attach access' in the 'default settings' within the Archive Server Configuration Tool and can be Domain Accounts or Local Accounts on the Server. You can actually authenticate using any user in that list so you don't need to have an individual account for each user, a single Account that everybody uses would do the job.




          Now when you try to create the Local View and you are prompted for the log in details enter it using the domain\username or servername\username format with the associated password and you should be authenticated. 


          Hopefully this helps?


          Kind regards


          Wayne Marshall

          Solid Solutions Management