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Print task in EPDM

Question asked by Jeff Thomas on Jan 8, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2014 by Charles Culp

I can't get the print task to run. We have setup a taskserver on a virtual machine located on the backup server called EPDTASKSERVER. I have setup a onvert task for step, dwg, dxf and pdf which work great. which all execute as the Admin on the taskserver.


There are two transitions in the Engineering Design Control workflow that I want to use to generate prints of all drawings that pass through the transition. I have installed the network printer on the taskhost and configured it for the papersize I want, 11x17. I have the task set to run as Admin like the others as well as for notices to be sent upon failure or completion of the task. When the drawing passes through the transition the print task comes up but does not execute. I have checked the log file on the taskserver and there is no record of the print task. Nor are any notifications being sent.


Does anyone have any ideas, I am stumped?