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    Graphics 'glitch', during navigation

    Simon Tyler

      Hi (My first post...also a newbie with SW)

      Happy new year.


      Can anyone help me here, I have a graphics glitch when navigating in SW.  It seems, now and then, when I rotate, pan or zoom, the graphics lock and don't move.  there appears a small window sometimes (of varying sizes), that shows the rotating model but the rest (90%+), freezes.  After a short time (2 secs to 15secs), it carries on from where it should be.  It's although the graphics locks up but remembers where it should be (at that stage, it could be anywhere because I would be frantically panning and zooming to unlock it).

      If I stop and don't do anything it does not self fix.  To fix it I have to pan,zoom or rotate randomly.



      SolidWorks Premium 2014 x64 edition SP1.0 (this was happening with 2013).

      Windows 7 64bit with SP1




      Dell Precision T3600

      Intel Xeon E5-1650@3.2Ghz

      16GB ram

      Graphics: AMD Firepro V4900 (driver version


      Other info

      I have two screens (both dell), I work on only one, that is, I don't have the CAD accross both.


      According to the solidworks video card testing here...


      this card should be fine.  It lists thes same driver version I have.  It also lists I should be using these driver versions...

      2D Driver version:

      3D Driver version:


      According to Catalyst control center I use


      Ope GL version

      Direct 3D version


      Let me know if there is anything else I can supply.

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          Lukasz Siwiec


          Welcome to forum SolidWorks Simon.

          It's problem with graphic card. Try uninstal driver and instal new. If doesn't help you must send your cadr to service....

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            David Lyndaker

            With all respect Lukasz, I don't believe it's likely a problem with the card.  We've seen the exact same thing mulitple times over the years, on multiple SW certified systems.  And we've only ever used nVidia cards.  Like so many issues with SW, it's been frequent at times and then non-existant for long periods.  This particular issue I haven't seen in quite a while and I'm certain we didn't do anything to "fix" it.  Sorry I can't offer anything constructive to help you're situation Simon, although I agree that reinstalling the driver is good advice.  We've been using SW for over 15 years and no matter the HW (again, always certified) or SW version, there has always been some graphic glitches.  Some annoying, some maddening.  Some you see once, and some reoccur for years.  I see the same glitches running SW on on my MacBook Pro booted into Windows as I do on my new Lenovo and prior Dell Workstations.




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              Simon Tyler

              Thank you both for the reply, I have updated and re-installed the driver with no effect.


              My supplier (NT CadCam), has suggested turning on the Windows 7 Aero themes.  (I have this turned off normally).  Apparently SW uses this feature of windows 7.  I have done this and will report back if it fixes the issues.  30mins of use tends to suggest it has, however, I'll give it a day or so of use before I report back if it's a success or not.