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Sheet Metal Cut List & Custom Properties

Question asked by Steven Galati on Jan 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2015 by Antonio Cavka

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I have pretty simplistic sheet metal parts which I create daily, so I set up a drawing sheet with predefined views, I also set up a custom property form which will populate general drawing info.


What i cant seem to do is link the info i need from either/both of the types of tables together (cut list/ bom)  the bom table  will allow me to see all my custom properties(from the custom property tab builder)  but not my bounding box width/length....My cut list table  will allow me to see the bounding box info but not my custom property info.


I get that I can just create new property values in the cut list table but those values wont link to the info which has already been filled into the custom property tab builder!?!? unless im missing a special syntax to link the fields??


Now hers the catch.... if I drop the cut list into my drawing with a part already in the drw. and manually link each cell, then delete the drawing views and save the drw. as a drawing template with the table still inside of it, when I open that same drw. and insert a part the info populates. Now if I try to save as that same table and drop it anywhere else. the info wont populate...What am I missing??????


The third table shows all the info that needs to be there but on multi lines which is not what im looking for.


please help if you can _ thanks in advance

Steve G