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Network Render Animation Color Issue, SW2014

Question asked by Tim Hopkins on Jan 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2014 by Tim Hopkins

I've started seeing an issue where areas which are rendered by the "client" computer vary from colors which are rendered by the "coordinator" (host) computer.  I can see in the render window that areas rendered by the orange boxes (coordinator) are a different color from the blue boxes (client).   See below for small screen cap of render, I would post video but can't for confidentiality reasons.  The area should be blue with some shadows, you can see there are clear straight lines which separate the areas which are rendered by the client and the coordinator.  Even within the area rendered by the client the color is splotchy, as if it's assigning a color to certain levels of shadows.


Network render cuts render time in half for me so I'd rather not give it up, especially since my final renders take 10+ hrs with single machine.


Any ideas what could be causing this?  Areas for me to look at or experiment with?  I plan to try running uncompressed and also output bmp's instead of video.


SW2014 SP1.0

1 coordinator running SW Pro

1 client running render client

200% to client




Microsoft Video 1

Compression Quality: 100

No Key Frames