Robert McCarey

PDMWorks Workgroup, File Checkout and Renaming Best Practice

Discussion created by Robert McCarey on Jan 4, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2007 by Devon Sowell
We're instituting a PDMWorks Vault for the first time so I have aton of questions.  One question that has come up is how togenerate SW files using a vaulted file as a starting point withoutcausing problems in the vault.  For example, If I check-out anassembly and want to make a similar assembly with several partmodification changes.  What is the most efficient way tocheck-out an assembly from the vault, create a local copy,"rename all the files", make the modifications and thencheck back in.  Is there a rename function upon documentcheckout from the vault similar to SW Explorer?  Can Swexplorer be used in conjunction with PDMWorks Workgroup?  Isthe only way to accomplish this to rename all the files after alocal copy has been made (i.e. "save-as" command). Also, when making a SW part from another part will theinternal ID number be a problem when you check-in the newdocument...will the vault think they are the same document eventhough the document name is different?  If I use the"save as copy" command does it change the internal IDnumber of the file?

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