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Having trouble designing a spring. What am I doing wrong?

Question asked by Valentina Tina on Jan 5, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2014 by Jerry Steiger



I'm fairly new to CAD, but I know most of the basics.

I am trying to design a spring with 2 inefficient revolutions (1 on each side) and 9,5 efficient revolutions - 11,5 total. Firstly I sketched a circle with a dimension of the middle diameter of the spring. Then I created a helix with a variable pitch/rotations (the height of the spring matches the desired height), and a circle piercing the helix. When I try to create a sweep boss/base I get an error saying 'the sweep operation failed to complete'. I'm guessing the thickness of the circle is too big to complete the sweep.

I am attaching a file of my helix sketch.


Could someone please help me design the spring?


Thank you in advance!