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    Hide transition in a workflow??

    earl navarro



      I  have created two workflow, namely ECO and CAD workflow .

      I have named the transitions the same on both workflow, namely "SUBMIT ECO FOR APPROVAL " and "RELEASED"


      This way when I move the ECO document thru the workflow, the CAD files move along with it (I copied CAD files and PASTE AS REFERENCE).

      It all works good.. But the one thing I don't like is I see the "SUBMIT ECO FOR APPROVAL" in the change state for CAD files. I only want the transition "SUBMIT FOR ECO APPROVAL" to appear on the ECO document not the CAD files.


      How do I go about in doing this... Please help






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          Corey Hinman

          I'm not sure that's possible because you need to give the users the correct permissions to do that transition in both workflows. It becomes a matter of user training and discipline, and for what it's worth, there will be instances that you just move a CAD file or two independent of the ECO.

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            Laura Whittle

            This won't hide the transition, but add a condition to the "SUBMIT ECO FOR APPROVAL " transition that only allows the ECO document type thru or add a condition that does not allow the specific CAD file type thru.


            This should prevent users from accidentally sending a CAD file thru that transition, they will get a transition conditions not met error.




            For our system we have a separate workflow and users fill out information in the data card.  Paste as reference will probably be the way to go, especially when we can find the time to create an API that will paste as reference based of datacard values.

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                earl navarro

                hi Laura,


                i actually want both the CAD fles and ECO to pass thru the transition, i just dont want the user to change state on the CAD file as this will not bring the ECO doc with it, they should do it on the ECR doc as Corey had mention above.


                I've played with Dispatch setting conditions, but im not getting the results i want.

                i guess i have to learn API to be able to control EPDM more, i have Visual Basic  background, so hopefully that will help me,


                appreciate your feedback though.

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                  Eddie Pellegrin

                  Is this still not possible? Is there anyway to let the conditions control the visibility of the transition? I know it will say "Conditions not met" but is there a way for it not to show up in the right-click menu if conditions are not met?