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Help me keep SolidWorks! unfold help

Question asked by Chris Holske on Jan 6, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2014 by Chris Holske

So because I am struggling with this one my boss want to get UG (wich is now called NX CAD?) I did get help unfolding but I can acheive the weld seam on centered on the flat, we got it to work with the weld seam in the corner, not what my customer wants.


This is the orig help I got unfolding but now need to move the seam to the middle of the small flat (not the corner)


I have a meeting later today with the big boss to discuss weather or not we can handle these types of files in SW in the future. Would be nice to be able to bring him a flat that we can use. Also any advice on how to get all the holes in after I get a sheetmetal part would be great as well.


This was a native UG part but in my opinion because it is not "sheetmetal" even UG will have trouble unfolding it? I don't think I will convince my boss of that. I love SW and really dont want to go the UG route but if I cant get this one I may be forced to look elsewhere for software.....


Thanks, Chris