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Elbow not follow the pipe schedule and Route Properties :(

Question asked by Soe Lwin Kyaw on Jan 6, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2014 by Soe Lwin Kyaw

I am new to Routing, and new to Solidworks in general, but I have been created an extensive routing library for piping, mostly butt-weld fittings. I have run into a strange problem with the routing.  (I am using 2013 sp.5)


When  I start a Route, Route Properties allows me to choose which schedule pipe and elbow, Everything is OK and same size, but the problem is schedule of the elbow not follow the Route Properties and automatically select to Schedule STD , while the pipe follow the route properties exactly. Then I have to manually edit under Component Properties.


One strange thing is if I use Solidworks default pipe and elbow ... everything is OK. Am I missing something?

I have attached pic and part file for what ever I use


Please help me Please forgive me for my poor english.