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Cant invoke Discussion Forum within SW-2014-SP1

Question asked by Peter Thannhauser on Jan 5, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2014 by Dan Dillon

If I open the Resources tab & click on Discussion Forum, I get a pop-up message: “Solidworks forum tab is not visible. Activate in the Dialogs dialog”. So I went to Tools, Add-ins, it shows me selector boxes including one for Solidworks Forum 2014. If I click any combination of those 2 boxes (one to activate & other for upon startup), it doesn’t help. I still can’t navigate directlt to Forum, it always gives the same popup message. And when I return to this Add-In area, the boxes are always de-selected, even if I save.


However if I navigate straight to the forum web address outside of SW, I land here no problem.

Strange, I thought this worked the other day from within SW.