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    the addin developed for SW2013 doesn't work for SW2014

    Tony Hong

      Hi there,


      I once developed an addin for SolidWorks 2013, and it works very well. Recently we installed new version of SolidWorks - SW 2014 SP01 while still keep the 2013 version in case there are incompatible issues. So, the installation folder for SW2013 is c:\Program files\SoliWorks Corp\SolidWorks, and SW 2014 is installed in c:\Program files\SoliWorks Corp\SolidWorks (2).


      After this upgrade, my addin developed for SW 2013 doesn't work: it causes SW shut-down frequently... In order to solve the problem, I downloaded the SW2014 API SDK and rebuilt the project by replacing the SW2013 references with the SW2014 references. However, it still keeps generating exceptions like this:


      "Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt."


      it is weird that the exception was thrown out at different points each time when I debugged with the same case.


      The addin has a function of retrieving cut list items from model. The exceptions are generated when it executes the following 2 sentences:


      vPropNames = (string[])Cutlist.GetCustomPropertyNames();


      sValue = Cutlist.GetCustomPropertyValue2(sPropName, out nType, out nLink);


      Can anyone please let me know the solution?