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Cannot find Hole Callout format file since installing SolidWorks 2014

Question asked by Andrew Shaw on Jan 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2014 by Jerry Steiger

Hey All,


Solved this problem, just wanted to see if anyone had experienced it and show how I solved it. 


Since installing 2014, every once in a while when trying to do a hole callout on a drawing, an error pops up that says the hole callout file (I think it's called "calloutformat.txt") cannot be found.  It gave me the file path where it was looking, so i looked there and low and behold, there was nothing. 


I opened windows explorer and searched my harddrive for the file ("calloutformat.txt") and I found it in another folder (It was in "Solidworks Corp/Solidworks (2)" or something like that, maybe solidworks made a new folder when doing the fresh install).


To make solidworks use this file, I went to Options>File Locations>Hole Callout Format File and deleted the old location and added the new location.  Voila.