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    What do people feel about the specs. of these Aria machines?

    Derek Westwood

      I have attached a screenshot ofof 4 Aria cad machines-any comments? anyone bought them?

      thanks in anticipation,Derek

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          Jerry Steiger



          Since no one has replied, I will chime in. My experience is that spending big bucks on the graphics card doesn't make sense for most users. If you are doing Flow Simulation or running very large assemblies, then it may make sense. Having enough RAM for your application is critical, but having more is a waste of money. I would not buy a system with less than 8 GB, but more than 16 GB is probably wasted unless you run really huge assemblies or fairly large Simulations. If you do run large simulations, then 64 GB may still not be optimum. More processor cores will help in Simulation (especially Flow), but the improvements aren't linear. More processor cores will help in Rendering, and I think the improvements here do scale nicely. Processor speed is the main driver for SolidWorks itself,as most of the time it is only using one processor. The Intel processors are better than the AMD processors, but I don't keep up with the specifics to know how the four compare. Single-threaded benchmarks will give you the best comparison for SolidWorks.


          Jerry S.

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            Randy Cole


                 Honestly, the FX-8350 with the 16Gb of RAM is the best choice for what you're looking at. With all the space you have, you will never need any more. It has a decent enough graphics card, but as Jerry mentioned, a graphics card does not make Solidworks run any better unless you run Flow simulation. However, even then the advantage is slim to none. I use a Lenovo W530 laptop,(picture below), and i have no problems with anything, minus the slight overheating problem. If im rendering an decent sized assembly, i have to turn the fan on turbo to make it not overheat. My Lenovo is a great PC, and they are cheap, they just dont look that great, which shouldn't be a problem. Their K Series is their Extreme Performance Tower line with the K450: http://shop.lenovo.com/us/en/desktops/ideacentre/k-series/k450/#techspecs

            They can save you a lot of money and they use the great Nvidia graphics cards if you do decide to get one. I have the Nvidia

            Quadros2000k in mine.

            Lenovo Laptop.png


            Hope any of this helps you out. If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask, I love helping people out with tech problems or inquiries!