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Underwater pressure modelling

Discussion created by Cedric Floquet on Jan 4, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2007 by SolidWorks Corp
Hi all,

I am fairly new to CosmosDesigner and I have been trying to modelthe behaviour of a body at 4000 m deep. Several points are not soclear to me:
1) How to insert the bulk modulus property in Solidworks 2006?
2) What would be a correct way to model the behaviour of a part/assembly under 400 bar pressure. I have tried on a simple part byapply a pressure to all the surfaces of the body, but I have tocheck 'use inertial relief' to make the modelling work (there is norestraint as the part is supposed to be immersed), is that correct?Furthermore, the displacement results given by Cosmos could beacceptable BUT I did not input any value for the bulk modulus andtherefore can't understand why the part is shrinking. Does Cosmosworks has a derived way to calculate this characteristic?
3) Ideally, I would like to be able to model the behaviour of mysystem (kind of container) under 2 conditions: pressurebalanced and not pressure balanced. As I have some opticalcomponents inside, I am interested in the displacement induced bythe pressure.
I hope I am clear enough, and I welcome any comment or suggestions.Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Best regards,