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Discussion created by Dan Bertschi on Jan 3, 2014
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To all NEOSWUG members,


I'm not sure where this will go... but, it's a new year & hopefully, people have projects and may need additional resources.  My impetus for starting this is a need for additional help, and I will be as open & up front about this as possible.  I will establish the rules below in an effort for fair play and will edit/remove posts that don't follow the rules.  If this list is not welcome by a majority of group members, it will be removed.


The purpose of this discussion is to provide a spot for independent SolidWorks contractors in NE Ohio to make other NEOSWUG members aware of their existence.  It is NOT intended as a place for extended advertising, or business dealings.  As at our meetings, it is intended for introductions, and anything beyond that needs to be handled OUTSIDE of this forum.


It is my hope to connect & foster good working relationships between businesses and contractors in NE Ohio.


The following information may be listed as a reply to this discussion:


  1. You must list your name and you may include your business name.
  2. You may include your contact information (i.e. Name, location, phone number, email) - Please keep in mind, this is a public forum, even though it is a restricted group, and you alone are responsible for any information disclosed.
  3. The type of SolidWorks you specialize in, if any. (i.e. Mechanical, Sheet Metal, Plastic, Simulation)
  4. Your website link, if you have one.


You may NOT include or discuss the following:


  1. Hourly rates or fees.
  2. Pictures/videos/portfolios of work.
  3. Past or present customers and/or company names other than your own.
  4. Anything more than the basic contact info listed above.


Again, the intent of this discussion is to establish a list of NE Ohio SolidWorks resources that are available for hire.  The goal is to increase awareness and improve relationships between NEOSWUG members.  Feedback (positive or negative) should be directed to me via PM or email (dbertschi (at) neo.rr.com).