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Problems Working with Dual Monitors

Question asked by Paul Hanrahan on Jan 2, 2014

I keep running into problems using SolidWorks with my dual monitor setup. If I try to extend the screen across the monitors and keep SolidWorks open on the second monitor (which was my original plan), the display completely messes up, and makes it almost impossible for me to work on it. I attached pictures of the issue. If I try to duplicate the screens, I run into a different but equally disruptive issue, making it almost impossible to work on it also. Ultimately, I want to have the main SolidWorks window open on the second monitor with the tutorials open on the first monitor.


I'm running Solidworks 2013 x64 bit Student Edition on a 64 bit Windows 8. My processor is an Intel i7-3740 QM @ 2.70 GHz, and the video card is an NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M. Any ideas of how to fix this?


The first picture is what happens when I extend the screens. The part is visible until I click on the screen, then it shifts the image, and does that every time I click.

Extended Screens.png

The second picture is what the screen looks like if I duplicate the screen and try to do tutorials at the same time. Note: the image is shifted, when I try to select an entity it is shifted.

Duplicated Screens.png


SolidWorks works fine for me on a single monitor, but completely messes up when I switch to dual monitors. Any ideas?




NOTE: I'm assuming it was a problem with my video card drivers, because I reinstalled the software and now it's working fine.