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    Result files location

    Kevin Moreau



      when I do a simulation, I would like the result files to be located in a folder where my part/assembly is. I will include some picture of what my settings are right now and where it currently saves the files.


      under simulation > option > results

      result folder.jpg

      The result folder "Study Results" is created but it stays empty and all the result files are saved where my parts/assemblies are.



      What am I missing so that the simulation result files are created in the "Study Results" folder?

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          Jared Conway

          is that an existing study or a new study

          check the behavior for both

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              Kevin Moreau

              It works now... before, I had not checked to subfolder option for the files and the first study I did was "riser clamp" and the folder was creater but nothing was going inside the folder so I looked around the settings and set the sub-folder to be "study results"... then I duplicated the study and ran it but the files still appeared outside the sub folder... but then when I create a new study, everything was working properly.


              thank you for your answer