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    Action to automatically move files to an Archive folder

    Pete Yodis

      Every now and then we archive items in our WorkGroup vault.  We have a folder/project with limited visibility named "Archive" in the WorkGroup vault.  When someone wants to archive a set of files, they perform a change project command on the files and move them into "Archive".  With EDPM I think we still prefer to have an "Archive" folder, but I think it may be advantageous to put these files in an "archive" workflow to ensure they are frozen in time and no more revs occur.  Is there a way to perform both functions... move the selected file(s) to the archive area and set their workflow to "archive" in one command?.  Would Dispatch be the method to accomplish that?  The cherry on top would be also moving a file's PDF output from its folder to the archive at the time the move to archive action was fired.  Thoughts?

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          Wayne Marshall

          Hi Pete,


          Typically we only use the Workflow State when implementing an 'Obsolete' State in our Customer's Workflows. This could be part of your standard CAD Workflow or could be accessed via a WorkFlow link, but either way as long as that 'Obsolete / Archived' State is set to have limited visibility (ie just Admin) and the 'Ignore Permissions in Previous States' flag is enabled, then that file effectively disapears from view as it enters the State.


          Dispatch doesn't have a 'Move File' Action, only Copy so although you could 'Copy' a file before deleting the original this would result in a loss of History and References. You could move the file via a custom Add-in (triggered on the Workflow transition) but this would require some coding to achieve.


          With respect to the PDF, if your PDF is 'checked in' to a seperate Workflow and currently has just the one State (e.g. Approved), then assuming you have the option checked in the Convert Task to link the PDF to the Drawing, if you also add an 'Obsolete' State to the PDF workflow and a Transition using the same name as the one in the CAD workflow then when you 'Obsolete' the Drawing you can also select the Part AND the PDF in the Transition Reference Window.


          Hope that helps?


          Kind regards


          Wayne Marshall

          Solid Solutions Management (UK)