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    SW 2013 parts won't manipulate smoothly

    John Wilkes


      SW2013 parts and assemblies have recently started to freeze when attempting to manipulate them with either my mouse or my 3D mouse.

      2012 is still installed and doesn't cause this problem.

      Background downloader is turned off, and my system has 2 terabytes of memory available.

      Any ideas?

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          Robert D.

          I would try first updating your graphics card. This is number 1 when dealing with SW. Hope this helps.

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              John Wilkes

              Hi Robert,


              I don't think so - I've been running SW 2013 for about 8 months on my desktop without any graphics card changes, and all was good until I switched my computer off for a week over Xmas. I forget the card model, because I'm not at work now, but it's a NVIDEA GeForce GT something...

              It's a $4000.00 desktop, so it's pretty well ramped up - 6 Gig RAM, 2 Terabytes memory, 4 hard drives configured for RAID 5. (not as fast as RAID 0, but a bit safer...)

              Besides, SW is mostly a single thread process program - only for rendering does it require a good graphics card.

              I'm referring to un-rendered parts and assemblies.


              So my opinion is that there is something screwy going on with the program - personally, I've noticed a degradation of SW in the past few years, as opposed to an improvement. (Apart from slots - but that's about it...).


              I've also increased the CPU page file allocation to 9000 Mb - this makes things only marginally better.


              Any more ideas?

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                  Jeremy Feist

                  actually, rendering (photoview, etc.) uses the CPU not the GPU.


                  it COULD be your video card - even the best of them will eventually fail - try running in "software openGL mode" and see if the removes the problems (the system will run at least a little slower). if so then it IS the video card.

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                      John Wilkes

                      Sorry, I stand corrected, I wasn't aware of that.

                      But - I have 7 interlinked CPU's on my desktop, and I can open extremely complex assemblies in SW2012 and manipulate them effortlessly  - I've also tried the DirectX/OpenGL option previously.

                      Also, no other program seems to be experiencing any graphics related problem.

                      Thanks for the info, but I'm starting to suspect (bizzarly) that it may actually be in some way linked to Firefox..

                      I've just experienced a similar problem on my laptop - which runs on an older version of SW - and in each case, Firefox was the only other application running.

                      I can't test this now, as I'm not at work, but I would be interested to hear from anyone with a similar experience.

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                          Jared Conway

                          if you have a geforce graphics card vs a quadro graphics card you're using an unsupported card, so software opengl is a really good test and getting up to the latest and greatest driver is your best shot


                          but regarding your problem, before we go much further, are you saying it worked without issue in 2012 and now you're having trouble in 2013? are we talking about the exact same files or different files between versions?


                          could you elaborate on what you mean by manipulating smoothly? do you just mean rotation?

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                    Robert D.

                    When my computer updated IE it messed my solidworks up and then i was instructed to update my graphics card and that did the trick. Hope this helps.