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Changing bend order in "Flat-Pattern"

Question asked by Dimitri Timtchenko on Jan 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2014 by Kevin De Smet

Hi guys,


I'm trying to flatten a sheet metal part but am unable to do so via the Flatten option or unsuppressing the Flat-Pattern. It gives me a error message: "the part contains features that cannot be unbent" . I think one of the bend steps creates an interference with the part and it should work if I rearrange the bends. I am not sure if solidworks allows this or not, and if not, how can I fix this problem?


The part can be flattened since I tried unfolding the bends manually to create a flat part, but using this method, i lose the bend line notes and the bounding box.


I have the part in question attached to this e-mail.


Thank you