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    Opinion on SW 2014

    Andi H

      I have been runing 2011 for a while got a chance to use 2014 yesterday. I was disapointed, the new looks of the interface they changed some of the tools around. I am looking to upgrade to 2014 I dont know now not sure If I want to do it. I was no impressed with the 2014

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          Hadleigh Murad

          i know i shouldn't hijack this thread. but rather a discussion, i was hoping someone would know about the slow-rebuiling time in assemblies?


          In the bottom left hand corner - when using solidworks 2014 -

          Text appears when moving a part in an assembly: Transferring model information to photoview 360

          then immediately afterwards: Rendering scene in Photoview 360


          Dont know how to turn this off, couldnt find an option within photoview 360.


          What used to take a second rebuilding now takes a couple more, in my case 5 seconds, thats 5 seconds everytime it needs to rebuild the scene in the assembly.. wtf?

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            Robert D.

            No problem.......

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              Peter Farnham

              I have been using it for four hours now and even though the "bugs and we can't be bothered to fix them" are still there four years later, it runs very fast compared to 2013.

              Takes a bit of getting used to the new fonts.


              From 2011 I would def upgrade, that was one of the worse releases ever!

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                Paul Jones

                Is it just the assemblies I've been working on or has the save time increased.  Saving two medium sized assemblies and four drawings associated with them and so fat I am on 18 minutes save time, photo view is off

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                  Adrian Williams

                  Hi Andi,

                  In early November I had asked for the upgrade from the 2011 we were running on the two seats we have and also for a new computer if we could afford it.

                  Christmas came early and I upgraded to 2014 on the 9th of December on my new computer.

                  As you say, the interface has changed a little but there are several differences between 2011 and 2014 both in what you see by way of the actual functions and in what is unseen in the way the program runs on your computer. I did start to put together a justification for my IT guy to show the financial director for the upgrade. Have a word with your reseller, they should be able to help you reach a decision. I did find out things like there are 200 or so differences between releases. 600 for me - and you if you go for it. From what I understand the new computer has no massive effect on the speed at which the normal program runs but I would certainly say that there is a large difference in the time taken in the day to day use. Less time is taken to open and save files for one thing, drawing generation is easier and more flexible, the command prompt is useful for finding the commands you know but can't find etc etc..

                  I am very happy with 2014 Sp1 and am glad I've had the upgrade.

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                    Andi H

                    I only got to use it for 4 hours but some things were quite improved but I was getting some odd bugs. If you mirred a feature or part the original one would not show just the mirrored one, also when you added relations to curves the feature tree and tool info on the left would be scrambled couldnt read it. very odd. I am forced to upgrade since almost all the companies I work for run 2014 and its getting a hassel with parasolidworks back and forth.

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                      Andi H

                      I work as indipendent contractor but I worked on location for a few hours one day and I got to use SW 2014. by my guess they just had a basic computer with SW 2014 I dont think the computer was properly set up or had the necessary hardware graphic card to run SW. Yes Richard the scrambeled optios tabe looked exactly like the one on the thread. It wasnt my computer just found it odd

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                          Richard Wagenaar

                          These are the new font problems since SW2014.

                          In SW2013 this was still Oke.

                          It has nothing to do with hardware,  only the Windows

                          scaling setting does trigger the problems.  This will

                          be the case on high resolution monitors in general.


                          But Windows scaling should not show corrupt fonts like

                          Solidworks does. Solidworks is not Windows compliant.


                          You are correct about SW2011, at that time everything

                          was still fine with fonts.


                          I have open SPR numbers of one year old, nothing has

                          been fixed and it got much worse since SW2014 although

                          Solidworks thinks that it has improved.

                          I don't understand why they can't fix these basic problems

                          that were Oke for 15 years.  With Solidworks you have to

                          downgrade instead of upgrade to support a modern high

                          resolution monitor.


                          If you set Windows scaling to 150% you will see that Solidworks

                          2014 uses many diffent font heights and big vertical font

                          distances that cause a lot of Scrollworks. Depending on the

                          new SW2014 customize setting the trees, menus, right mouse

                          buttons menus get twice longer as necessary causing scrolling.


                          The text in the dimension edit menu and the property managers

                          in SW2014 is 30% smaller when compared to SW2013.

                          I already found these texts far too small in SW2013. I thought it

                          could not get worse than that but it did in SW2014.

                          These are the most red texts in the UI.


                          Eye doctors tell you to adjust the fontsize to twice as big as the

                          minimum size you can read to save your eyes and prevent from


                          But what if the minimum size you can see gets 30% smaller

                          after an upgrade that is supposed to fix font problems?



                          At Solidworks they have wonderful ways to let us think that they care about usability



                          But the truth is that they either don't read or understand or don't

                          get the resources to fix these basic User interface problems.

                          They told me the impact is not big enough to free resources for it.

                          I am used to buy software upgrades to support new hardware like

                          monitors that have an ever higher resolution. This was my fault

                          when upgrading Solidworks.

                          Showing a font correct independant on the Windows scaling is the most basic

                          functionality in any program, most free shareware programs don't have

                          problems with it but Solidworks does.

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                          Andi H

                          I recently got SW 2014. I got a chance to work for a few days. I have to honestly say that I worked flawlessly in it a lot faster than 2011 inteface gave me no problems calculations a lot faster with some minor improvements. I was impressed. Maybe the SW the guys at my work had glitches. My version is working Flawlessly

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                              Hadleigh Murad

                              Using Solidworks since 2011, so have been on 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.


                              Best version 2013.


                              Using SW everyday, you will see the differences, so far in 2014, it has been slow, unrealiable and frankly uglier.


                              Assemblies are now rotating slow (like in 2011)

                              Crashes in drawings (centre line issues)

                              Crashings in assembly (randomly, i suspect resource monitor which i have to end process on task manager)

                              Slow rebuild time (ON EVERYTHING)

                              Resource monitor as mentioned before being a constant pain.


                              Aside from that, i can use it effectively everyday.


                              Also i dont mind the fonts.  that doesnt really strike as an issue tbh.  as long as i can produce part/assemblies/drawings i can work around all the other issues, just wish i had 2013 as THAT was working flawlessly.