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YSWUG Winter Meeting Notice

Question asked by Chris Scarlett on Dec 31, 2013

YSWUG Meeting Notice, Wednesday February 5th,


Our NEXT MEETING: is scheduled for Wednesday February 5th, at 6pm at the Oxford Suite's in Yakima in their 1st floor meeting rooms, 6 - 8pm.  However, if arrangements can be made, meeting at the Yakima National Guard Armory would be preferred.  I will let everyone know by the next meeting notice email.


Please contact us if you are planning on attending, so we can plan for our dinner.


We will have 2 presenters for this meeting with topics on industry certification and on multibody modeling:


Fresh from his presentation at SolidWorks World 2014, Michael Steeves from Quest Integration will be giving his presentation on “How to Innovate within the Bounds of Industry Standards”.  As his abstract for the conference states: "Industry certifications and regulations such as ISO and AS can help your business. Regardless of where your company is in the process of certification, there are a number of lessons to be learned and benefits to be gained". This should be a very useful presentation on the business aspects of design and manufacturing certifications. 


I will also be giving a presentation on a technique that I have found very useful lately in “Using a Multibody Part in Assembly Design“, “Demonstrating the Advantages of Using Multibodies and Part Configurations in Assemblies when Relationships do Matter”.  This presentation will include a why and how with a step by step approach using design sketches, creation of multibodies and configurations leading to easy to put together and well defined assemblies and Bills of Materials.


Our hoped for second presenter for this meeting has left SolidWorks but we will still welcome someone willing to share their methods and techniques in lieu of my presentation.  Also, please keep this request in mind for future meetings.  If interested or if you have some similar suggestions please contact and let me know how you can help.


A raffle drawing will be held at about 8pm with various prizes from our meeting sponsors including the Rapid Group which will provide various $25 gift certificates for Exxon Mobile, some nice gifts from the SolidWorks Users Group Network such as polo shirts, caps and such and some ball caps provided by SigmaNEST that were popular at our last meeting.  


At the end of the meeting we will be having our still new and evolving “SolidWorks Clinic”.  If you are experiencing some sort of SolidWorks related issue, perhaps a problem file or question on modeling methods, please send them our way.  I will make the file or question available to our group members and guest presenters in an upcoming email so we can work out a resolution before the meeting.  We will present the various solutions after the raffle drawings in a casual forum.  I would like to continue making this an effective resource for our group and encourage participation.


Dinner will be pizza, pop, chips and snacks and served at the beginning of the meeting and available all evening.


I would like to expand our presence on Facebook and LinkedIn as a way to communicate our meetings.  Please visit these sites and become a member.

This meeting is sponsored by the Rapid Group and SigmaNEST which will be providing raffle prizes for our meeting. 

· Consider the Rapid Group for "Quick Turn Metal Prototypes - 24 Hour Quotes - 48 Hour Expedites - 1-2 Week Standard Ship - ITAR Registered" - The Rapid Group will be providing some generous gift cards for raffle prizes. 

· SigmaNEST provides “the industry’s most advanced CAD/CAM nesting engine, with their new SigmaNEST V10 which can be taken for a test drive right from your desk delivering “…unmatched nesting efficiency, speed, and manufacturing / business process automation”.  SigmaNEST will be providing some stylish ball caps as raffle prizes for our meeting.

A recap of our recent FALL MEETING last month:  We had an energetic and informative meeting last week with about 18 people in attendance to hear Rhyc Sandberg and Neil Custard present.  Rhyc from the Portland office of Hawk Ridge Systems gave us a condensed version of his "Whats New in 2014" showing us the best of the best in the latest release of SolidWorks.  Neil Custard then presented his "SolidWorks Tips You Need to Know 2.0”, “Covering Parts, Assemblies, Drawings and Misc. Tools That Should Be Used But Do Not Get Used Enough”.  In the format of a Jeopardy game show we chose from various categories including Parts, Assemblies, Drawings and Potpourri.  Pizza, chips, licorice and pop were served for dinner.  The meeting wrapped up with a look at our part model which we had difficulty in changing orientation for some features and sketches. Images of the meeting and video links to some of Neil’s presentation can be found on the following meeting page Fall 1013 Meeting.


Winter seems to be starting dry and dreary, lets hope for some decent snow pack this season, see you all in just a few weeks.