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    Not able to receive notifications

    James Lee

      Hi Guys,


      I was not able to receive notifications in any state or transition. But I was able to receive manual notifications.


      I restarted the database server but problem still exist.


      I am using the smtp mail system meaning the notification is sent to my outlook.


      Anyone know what could be the problem?


      Thanks in advance for the help.



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          Jeff Sweeney

          Are you the only one seeing this issue or everyone?

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            Wayne Marshall

            Hi James,


            I have seen this before and it came down to AntiVirus settings. If you review the KnowledgeBase article below you can see that Peer-Peer messages don't go via the DataBase Server which explains why they may be working whilst Notifications do not.





            It has been brought to our attention that when using Microsoft® Exchange Server as the SMTP messaging system in PDMWorks Enterprise, the virus scanner on the client machines could prevent the active programs from sending information to the mail exchange server.


            Creating exceptions for the various programs is known to have solved such issues.


            Typically exceptions need to be made on the client side for user to user notifications, and on the database server side for automatic notifications.


            On the client side, the program that showed up as blocked depended on which function of PDMWorks Enterprise was open at the time. When sending user to user notifications from the inbox, inbox.exe needs to be excluded.


            On the server side, when sending automatic notifications, the database server always uses the same program, ConisioDbServer.exe.


            To summarize, the programs that need to be excluded from the virus scanner are as follows:


            - Client side: explorer.exe, inbox.exe
            - Server side: ConisioDbServer.exe


            Excluding those programs will ensure the good operation of the SMTP messaging system in PDMWorks Enterprise.


            Another scenario that can prevent SMTP based notifications from being relayed is if the SMTP server filters the message header/boundary and stops the message if it does not follow the RFC standards. This is a known problem in PDMWorks Enterprise and have been documented under SPR#413135 "SMTP generated headers/boundaries should follow RFC standards to allow certain SMTP servers (Symantec Mail Server) accepting notifications"





            Kind regards


            Wayne Marshall

            Solid Solutions Management (UK)