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    Projected Curve

      Is there are way to extrude projected curves.

      I have a projected sketch on a conical surface, that needs to beextruded.

      Any workarounds would also appreciated.
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          John Burrill
          CREATE A 3d SKETCH. Select your projected curve and do a 'convert entities'
          hit the extrude button and specify an edge to indicate the direction of extrusion (see attached image)
          That help?
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            Tim Houser
            J. Binczarowski,

            Please post a picture for a better understanding of your question. How about making two bodies then merging them?

            I'm trying to make a gripper on a part with multiple radii. See picture. Similar maybe to what you are trying to do and I am having trouble also. A sweep sounds good, but very complicated with guide curves and everything. I created two bodies then merged them together. It is not perfect; the profile is not consistent all the way around.
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                Jesse Robbers

                Tim, it kind of looks like this gripper is a circle. So maybe off-set the surface at the gripper's base to the height of the top or peak of the gripper. then create a sketch with a major, minor, and mean or center diameter of the gripper. Use the major and minor to create split lines onto faces at the base of the gripper. Use the mean or center circle to do a projected curve or split line onto the off-set surface. From these new edges you've just created you now have the skeleton so to speak to create the gripper using a boundary or loft surface feature. One loft or boundary feature would create one side of the gripper or one face. A 2nd feature is needed to create the opposite side. Surface fill the bottom, knit things together, merge or combine into a single body. With the addition of guide curve(s) placed in different spot(s) you can change or control it's profile further.