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    Save as .stl

    Lee Jian

      Recently,i have been struggling to figure out what the problem with the coversion,from .sldprt to .stl. I need that kind of file to conduct a fluid simulation,using Flow-3D.By the way,does anybody uses Flow-3D?  The problem is that there is always  a size error,especially the structure of cylinder.I guess i should give some pictures for more detail.1-sw.png2-flow.png


      From the picture,you can learn that the coordinate Y and extent Y is not the perfect number.

      How to deal with it ?

      Thanks very much!!

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          Ananda Ganesh Madheswaran


          You can use Cad2Stl  (a data conversion tool) - free with Flow 3D

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            Kevin De Smet

            This is normal as the .stl file format turns your solid model into a collection of triangles, this process is called tesselation and produces a mesh. The coarseness of this can be controlled by going to File > Save As and choosing the .stl format, then before clicking save you should have an Options... button.


            Simply take the deviation and angle sliders and push them all the way towards the right. Then click OK and save.


            The resultant .stl will be larger in filesize and will have better fidelity and should be much closer to the true 60 value but it will never get there all the way, as it is still an approximation. You should see a preview of the mesh right after you clicked Save.


            Experiment with some different values using those two sliders and you will quickly see what is going on here and how the cylinder is being approximated by straight line segments resulting in the discrepency error.