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Filling spaces in a complex assembly

Question asked by Lim Yik Pheng on Dec 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2014 by Jerry Steiger



I'm new in solidworks, doensn't know much. But currently im doing a research which needs me to get to know solidworks.


I'm having a problem with my model where it is too complex for my research purposes. I am currently doing a research on the aerodynamic of a proton saga flx. So, i downloaded a obj. file from the internet and converted it into a dxf file den imported it into solidworks which gives me a "complex" assembly file. However, the space inside the car model and the complex assembly is giving me problems where my computer couldn't manage it. I am seeking help on how do i fill the entire car model and make it into a single solid? I've been through the internet on how to use the "filling" function and all sort of stuff like knit or combine. It doensn't works for me so far. I only need the exterior surface of my model and the interior to be filled. that's all. Can anyone help me?


I coundn't attach the solidworks file here. Because the file is too big. its 5GB big.


Thank you.