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Troubles with emitting surfaces in Photoview

Question asked by Daniel Kulmer on Dec 27, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2013 by Rob Rodríguez

I have to visualize different rooms in solidworks to present some products. Now i have troubles with the lighning system in the basement: There are just little windows, which surely does not spent enough ambient light. So i modelled some overhead lights. First idea was simply to put point-lights in them, but i noticed solidworks only can use 8 lights in the part, which is not enough for my project.


Next try was to use lightning surfaces, simple LED-Balls hidden in the lamps. I thought it should be able to light the room with them and tried illuminances from 1 - 100 w/srm^2, but the result is a little bit distracting. Simply look on the picture.


It is taken from a door, rendered, in the room you can see a little part from the small window at the right side. On the top, there are 3 overhead-lamps. Everyone has 3 lightning points (balls with LED-Material with about 20 w/srm^2.). The result is always the same: The room is dark like before, but there are just lighning circles everywhere. What did i do wrong? Why wont it simply work?


Solidworks version 2013/2014


Thanks for answers, and sorry for my bad english