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    Need more books or tutorials for simulating assemblies.

    Monty Mayfield

      I have the single part simulation down. I still struggle with setting up assemblies mostly because I dont seem to fully understand Connections and contacts. Are there any well written books or good guides or tutorials that explain more about setting up assemblies to be simulated that anyone can recommend? thanks

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          Rukshan Wijekoon

          Hello Monty,


          Can you please upload and describe the problem you are having, Have you tried SolidWorks tutorials that comes with the software. Also help files that comes with the software covers most of the detail very well...

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            Jared Conway

            definitely would recommend going through all of the tutorials, even if they don't look like they apply to your problem

            then next i'd take the simulation training from your reseller

            at hawk ridge we then offer the next step of training which we call mentoring. this is one-on-one training specific to your project. by working with someone that knows the software well, you'll learn a lot about how to setup the problems. jared@hawkridgesys.com if you're interested in pursuing this.


            then i'd say go through the webinars and documents in the solidworks customerportal and play with some of the models that have been posted on the forum. in the end it is all about getting more experience with different problems. it also doesn't hurt to go through the helpfile to understand what options are available..etc.