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    natural convection analys

    Danik Buzana


      i want to do a natural convection analys in louvered enclosure and i have some questions :

      1) when i define outlet lids i select  in boundary condition, pressure openings to environment pressure. is it right ?

      2) which result  will illustrate better temperature inside the enclosure ?


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          Jared Conway

          environmental pressure is fine

          i don't know if i understand the second question

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            Ali Pak


            i have a problem like this ...

            i want simulate cooling system of a  onan transformer

            there is a winding in an enclosure that produce heat and heat should be carried out by oil by natural convection ... then temperature of enclosure should be reduced by air again with natural convection ...


            as you can see, the main problem is convergence of results

            and from experimental result, for example oil temperature should be around 60 degree of celsius (in an special place) that as you can see again it is around 120!!!

            what is the best set of calculation result ?

            and if we didn't have any experimental result, how we could understand that our simulation is correct ?

            thank you

            sorry about my english

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                Amit Katz

                It's a little hard to understand your simulation conditions from just that one plot, but it seems to me that your mesh isn't fine enough. In that plot I can see a lot of details that are smaller than the length of your smallest cells, that could be part of the problem.

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                    Ali Pak

                    thank you for response

                    you are right.

                    I am trying to reduce the size of mesh and use  mesh refinement , but unfortunately i don't have enough memory ...

                    and i can not simplify my simulation !!!

                    It will be a good start for me to find an optimized condition for simulation ...

                    maybe i should upgrade my PC ...

                    it is an Intel 2.4 GHz  Q6600 and 6GB of RAM ...

                    i think it is not enough and im going to buy an AMD FX 9590 processor ... and as much as i can Memmory

                    do we have any topic for the best pc set for flow simulation in here ?

                    i will post my refined mesh result in here as soon as i can ...

                    sorry for my long post !!!