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EPDM Data cards not updating...Help!

Question asked by Sharline Fitch on Dec 26, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2014 by Sharline Fitch

Here is our problem...


Part already exists in the vault.

Right click rename/or/check out, right click rename, check in.

The Data Card is not updating to the new name in the vault.

We want to be able to rename parts without needing to open them, this generally takes place after designing.


I did find:

*Rename, check out, open, clear default properties tab, save, and check in. it then rewrites the part tab in the card, not both.

I have tried this multiple ways (one above was the only way it worked)


In the Admin tool Part card, I unchecked read only. thinking that the designers could rename the part in the vault then rename the card.

However when the card is saved the default tab gets written not the part tab or both.


If the variables are bidirectional why does this not work? Do I not have this set up right?


I have talked with my VAR and have looked through the forum; still don’t have a clear answer.

Are we the only ones having this issue?

Do we need to customise the program?


Thank you for your help