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what's wrong in this simulation setup

Question asked by Rodrigo Jimenez on Dec 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2014 by Rodrigo Jimenez

Hi all.

I've modeled a formula car, in the better way I could, but i've been struggling to make the flow simulation working without lucky.

I've configure a air flow in X direction of 50m/s, with 3 boundary conditions (ground, front and rear wheels).

ground at the same speed and direction of the flow.

  and the wheel the equivalent radians over axis which cross the center of the wheels.


Moreover i can no find the static preassure as parameter in the results surface, cut plots etc...

How i can solve this?


Here is a example that shows that something is not working properly in the simulation.

(cut plot of top plane (centerline of the car about flow velocity)

Seems the the front wing the aft bodywork and many other parts are not the plot.

What i'm doing wrong now

I also attached the project, if somebody wants to have a look,







Regards, Rodrigo