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Solidworks Limitations and Thresholds

Discussion created by Bill Somerville on Jan 3, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2007 by Gary Schrock
In an earlier post a helpful respondent suggested that anytime he had more than 300 top level mates in an assembly that he experienced performance hits. This will vary with different computers etc, but I have noticed that performance does quickly deteriorate when between 300 and 400 top level mates are used. Consequently I design my products with subassemblies to meet those thresholds.
However my VAR and documentation do not mention thresholds.
I use large assemblies and I have an assembly that was going along quite well and suddenly I find that I am having trouble.
The solidworks documention for 2007 suggests that large assemblies will not be a problem.
Is there somewhere where a person can find file size thresholds. Or assembly thresholds. Does the limitations come with the number of bodies? What about textures? We all know that threads can cause performance problems.
Before I upgraded my computer, I was told that the threshold was memory and that life would be wonderful if I just had a better computer and more memory.
Well now I have that, and it seems that Solidworks has the limitations now.
The only advice my VAR has given to me is to suppress parts and mates to reduce the demand on Solidworks. This is not always convenient.