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How to change tube wall thickness in a route

Question asked by Ken Lux on Dec 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2014 by Peter De Vlieger



I am using SW 2013x64 SP2.0


I have a tube route (1.000x0.020) that I want to change to 1.000x0.035. Nothing I do changes the tube thickness. I think the only thing I can do is to delete the route and start the route all over again. I have tried the following:

1. Change route properties -> select tube -> 1.000x0.035: route properties manager now says it is 0.035 wt, but tubes are steill 0.020 wt

2. Change route diameter -> this does absolutely nothing. clicking on the route segments results in no response in the property manager. no route segments are selected

3. Combinations of 1 and 2 but deleting the route parts, edit route, exit sketch. SW just rebuilds the route parts with the old 0.020 wt parts

4. Changing the connection point on the fitting to 2-in diameter. Still no change in the route.

5. changing the route properties and selecting a different tube file

6. Opening the route part, editing the design table, and then configuring the part with the desired wt - no change in the pipe sketch or route part name ([Tube-1000x20_n]). Even if this did work, it would be even more cumbersome than changing the route diameter segment by segment, which apparently is only good for the OD - you get stuck with a default wt and can't change it.


It looks like that once you select the tube for the route, there is no way to change the wall thickness - or even the route diameter. This seems very odd as I was able to get material properties updated by applying the material selection to all of the configurations in the base tube part and then deleting the route parts and then editing the sketch and exiting. Wall thickness apparently is sacrosanct. <sarcasm>Why would anyone ever consider changing the wall thickness of a tube or pipe? They would be more likely to change the material than the thickness.</sarcasm>


I saw some discussion for SW 2011 that implied that if you don't have fittings on the end of the tubing, there's no way to change the pipe  schedule or tube wall thickness. I hope that they haven't "updated" the routing package to make sure that you can't change pipe/tube wall thickness even by changing the fitting.


Any suggestions?