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Workflow for PDF files

Question asked by Pete Yodis on Dec 23, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2013 by Pete Yodis

I have PDFs automatically created by tasks being run upon approval of our drawings in the vault.  The PDFs are placed in a folder in the vault.  We want to be able to lay the PDF revisions over top of the last PDF file in the vault.  This is an option with the SolidWorks convert to PDF task.  I do not want to just replace the last revision in the vault.  I have a workflow for Released PDF file that is just a state called "Vaulted".  Currently the revisions of the PDFs are not being kept in the vault, despite the setting in the task to do this.  I am thinking I need to set something properly on the workflow for Released PDFs.  Do I need a rev scheme on the Vaulted State for Released PDFs?


Released PDFs workflow.JPG