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Issue with mail generated during workflow transition

Question asked by Jake Brann on Dec 23, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2013 by Jake Brann

I have a "send mail" action for one of my transitions in a workflow.  Our system is setup to deliver these through the email system.  The issue is that some of the buttons that are auto-generated are not functional.  The email has the output shown in image #1.


Did some research and found the table with the templates for this message - copied it into html and viewed and found the buttons are available (image #2).


Does anyone know if there is a simple fix for this - most likely some security setting in the mail client or server?  The html code is a form submittal.


I can always adjust the template to include html links (these come through fine), but I didn't want to mess with this in case it impacted something else.


Just looking for the simplest solution.