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Installation error version 2014

Question asked by Scott Summerfield on Dec 24, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2013 by Robert D.

I have tried to install SilidWorks 2014 onto my laptop (Windows 7 64 bit), the install started fine, but stuck on installing 6% for an hour, I eventually had to abort the install, I was then prompted for a source file, I selected the search the web for a solution, the software then froze, after rebooting my computer I inserted the DVD, after a few seconds a message appears asking to insert a disc, for some reason the files on the disc are being ignored, I looked on the solid works background dowloader help and I found a section titled : Recovering from a failed or cancelled installation, it says on this that if you are prompted for a source file and you are not modifying an existing solid works installation, the installation or computer may be corrupt.


I cannot contact my reseller as they are on holiday for christmas until January 2nd but I need to use the software, can anybody please help me?