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Glitchy Workspace in DraftSight (new to forums) please help

Question asked by Joseph Smith on Dec 24, 2013
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I am new to the SolidWorks discussion on these forums, so i am probably posting this in the wrong place, but please if someone could help me i would be very thankful.


I am at work and currently trying to use draftsight. It has been working well enough for me to continue my work, however yesterday it crashed my computer. the screen shuffled between all blue, red, yellow, and green very rapidly. i do not know what this is a sign of, but when i restarted the computer, DraftSight is very glitchy. In the screen where you draw (i.e. the black area with your work) there are lines going horizontally accross it (this part ONLY. continue reading for more info on the issue or read below to see the steps i followed to try and correct it. The screen was also showing a zoomed version of where my mouse was located, and the zoomed area would change instantaneously with the motion of my mouse. wherever i pointed, it had the normal zoomed view and a false zoomed view scrambled around on my screen, making it almost impossible to see what i am doing (note the program is difficult, but still operable at this point). It also seems as if all my user designated options have been reset AND i cannot see what i have selected (i.e. i click a line and it does not turn into a dashed line, it stays the exact same, however i have in fact selected it.) The scale command does not work well, it seems as if it only selects as many line (objects) as it can without freezing? I am not sure what is up with this program.


I have tried to repair the program by redownloading. This did not work. I have removed the whole program and reinstalled, this did not work. I have taken a screenshot of the horizonal lines, but in the screenshot it shows them, thus meaning it is not my monitor. My only idea is that it is something with the graphics card hardware in my computer, however this computer is brand new (less than 1 month old) and it is very fast. If you are familiar with the windows specs rating that computers are given for their effectiveness, this computer is rated a 5.4 out of 7.2. if you are not familiar with these numbers, then disregard them, however i am just trying to say I am drawing a complete blank as to what could be the problem.


If anyone could help me I would be very thankful.


P.S. if it helps, we have bought solidworks here as well and will be installing it when we come back from christmas vacation, and i am not sure if it will run or not, but your see i am a fabrication designer and i need my programs to work asap.


Thanks for reading,