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help-how to draw a tire surface

Question asked by Yarden Burshtein on Dec 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2014 by Tom dunn

we are two students Yarden and Moshe,

we study at Ben gurioun University in Materials Engineering departure.

Our project deals with the problem of matching the surface of the wheel and the use of it to the road\offroad\both uses.



specificly we find it complicated to draw the surfuce of the tire as in 'real-life' and its different mean needed uses


we talk about few levels:

1. The desity of the slots on the surface of the wheel

2. The gromatric of the slots on the surface of the wheel

3.The thickness of the slots on the surface of the wheel


we also would like to know if theres an already projects about it, that we can maybe combain with.
and any other information that can enrich us with our project.
It gives us 3.5 credit points for our studies, so we will really appreciate your any help


i attach something we've started but its not good enough so if someone have a way to promote our sketch we will be thankfull


have a bless day,
Yarden and Moshe