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    Absorbed sketches

    Rob Taylor
      Can I stop the sketches from auto hiding when absorbed by afeature?
      Is there a show this sketch only control, or do I have to gothrough and manually  turn off those that I don't want tosee?
      Also in 07 I have been getting annoying little sprout lines atconnection points. Any Thoughts?
        • Absorbed sketches
          Eddie Cyganik
          Basically, when a sketch is created, it is shown. When a sketch is used to create a feature it is absorbed/hidden and this happen automatically. There is not any setting to make a sketch stay visible.

          Knowing this, you can control graphics display of sketches by selecting "show" and then use the View menu and check "Sketches". The only sketches that be displayed are those that are shown.

          The hiding/showing of item along with the View menu selections is universal. It is SolidWork functionality that allows items to be quickly toggle on and off w/o the use of user defined layers.

          Once you get a handle on this, you can use it to your advantage.