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    2014 SP1, Windows 8.1, Quadro 3000M - crash every 10 minutes

    Erik Shafer

      2014 SW Premium SP1 x64, Running on my HP Elitebook.  20gb RAM, 2x solid state drives, 8 cores, Nvida Quadro 3000M video card driver version


      Few things happening here:


      1.) Tools, Measure - then the solidworks screen goes "transparent" so I can see whatever is open in the background whether it's just desktop, a browser, etc....  Requires a SW restart


      2.) Crashes - lots of them....when dragging/dropping a part into assembly, when a face gets hilighted, it really doesn't matter - it just craps out.  I noticed that the fan is screaming on the notebook, so something in SW is sucking some power....it's not a huge assembly, and in 2013 this generally never happened....


      Seems 2014 SP1, Win 8.1, and my video card all decided to not like each other??  Also had the same issue w/ SP0.0....which I had to totally uninstall so I could install SP1, but that's another story.  It's a real pain because I have to save every 3-5 minutes or risk loosing everything....and everyone knows how goofy SW reacts to crashes sometimes - even though you saved your assembly sometimes magically reverts back in time trashing all of your mates and relations....ug...


      Any ideas?