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    User activity history report

    James Lee

      Hi Guys,


      Do you know how to display user activity history?


      For example I want to know what user  has done. It can be move/delete/rename a file or folder in the vault etc.


      Currently I have to select a file to know the history of the file only. I would like to have a report to show what the user has done in the vault. Is it possible to have such report?


      Thanks in advance for the help.



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          Charley Saint



          You can absolutely do that, you will need to build a report that unions together a bunch of the tables that start with history. For example


          SELECT [DocumentId]



                ,'Renamed from ' + [OldName] as Action


            FROM [AutoP].[dbo].[HistoryRename]

          union all

          SELECT TOP 1000 [DocumentID]



                ,case Action

                when 1 then 'Deleted File'

                when 2 then 'Restored File'


                as action


            FROM [AutoP].[dbo].[HistoryDelete]

          union all