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DS if your cloud is so hot why are people leaving?

Question asked by Neil Larsen on Dec 21, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2014 by Pete Yodis

I think its time DS fronted up to their customers to explain why a number of very good long serving employees have left SW.

What is wrong behind the scenes with what DS are doing that is causing these valuable people to go?

Forget the corporate BS this situation obviously isnt normal. The way DS are directing SW is having the effect of jeopardizing all that has been built up under the SW banner and that is SW. Why are you killing this company and apparently content to persist with it?

At this rate all we will be left with by the end of next year is a ghost of the great company SW was.

This is not good enough. How about some heads roll at DS rather than have excellent SW employees walk. We have lost a CEO, a founder, managers, and coders to name a few.  Its time to call this cloud folly out for what it is, ruinous incompetence. Clearly something isnt working. The cloud solution has been a very long time in the making. Why is this sucking up subscription dollars and resources for no result when Autodesk can start from behind and finish already? You need to explain to us all why you are screwing up and continue to screw up. The result is ruinous for DS, ruinous for the businesses and VARs that are part of the SW fold/umbrella and ruinous for many thousands of customers who are committed to and depend on the software and find themselves in the midst of difficult financial times that promise to get worse..

I dont think DS actually have any idea what they are doing despite the propaganda and bravado and the tragedy of that is that everyone else is left holding the can. So I want to know Bernard Charles what the hell you are going to do to fix it and if you cant when you are going to move on...