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    Stress simulation on a rotating model

    Andrea Cos

      Hi everyone!!

      Altough I have been using SW for 3 years I am an absolute noob and incabable of doing anything.

      I have to do a motion/simulation analysis on a model and I am stuck. The model is the one in the render and I am trying to do a full stress analysis when the central gear is rotated at 100 rpm or so. I am fine(ish) with the motion and get some useful data. On the other hand, how do you suggest I set up the stress simulation (ie: fixtures/torque/CONTACT??? ) I am trying to learn with the basic model shown but with no success

      Thanks a lot!!!!

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          Jared Conway

          looks fun. what do you want to learn in the simulation?

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            Theo Linders


            Don't know what it is but it is interesting.

            First i Would check if the two wheels can rotate. When i look at the 2nd and 3rd

            lip from the left wheel it seems that they will interfere with the other one, when rotating


            What Jared says is true, what do you want to analyze?

            Stresses (that is your regular von Mises stress) can be interesting, look and the base of

            the teeth where you have made a very big hole (rule of thumb is to never exceed 1/3 of the

            widht), in your case the hole is so large that it can be an issue.

            but i can also imagine that Herz stresses (contact stress)

            can be of importance here too.