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Uses of PDMWE

Discussion created by Scott Benzie on Jan 2, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2007 by Steve Moses
Hello All,

This seems a pretty sparse forum, but i will pose my questions and see if there are any interesting answers !!

I have testing \ evaluating the PDMWE package for a few weeks and am very impressed, looks very powerful.

One of the things I was wondering from and engineering standards point of view are there many company`s out there using this package for more than just CAD data management ???

We are in a lucky situation to be setting up our systems from near fresh, and PDMWE looks like a good option for also storing our Material Specifications, MSDS sheets and Test Reports in a structured fashion.

Is there anyone out there using PDMWE for this ??? Do you use seperate vaults for this or one large vault ???