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    notification to file creator

    Pete Yodis

      Can anyone explain who the file creator is?  This pertains to the notification option in the attached screenshot...


      file creator notification.JPG

      Is the file creator the originator of the file for each revision, version, or for the whole file itself?  I would like a notification sent to the person who edited the file in a previous state (WIP).  I don't think file creator classifies as this, but what is it.  As usual, the help is not helpful.

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          Kevin Holbrook

          File Creator is the user logged in when the file was first saved into the vault. It is captured by EPDM. The option you may be looking for is right below that "last state change modifier"


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              Pete Yodis



              I don't believe "last state change modifier" will do it for us.  I have attached our workflow.  The point at which the notification to be sent is triggered, is at the Approved for Release transition.  I want to send a notification to the person who made changes in the WIP state.  This could be many states prior to the Under Review state.  I don't believe the file creator would work either...  The person doing the work in WIP also has other duties to fullfil once the drawing is Released.  They just need to know when it has been released.



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                  Kevin Holbrook


                  The one thing I have been begging for in EPDM is the ability to email based upon an assigned user on the datacard. Until we have this, the only option I can suggest is dynamic notifications. One other alternative option gets more complex. If you capture the WIP users information after they have modified the file. You can then send an email later in the process to everyone in the wip group. Of course you dont want them all to be alerted to every release so in order to make this more useful the email the goes out can extract the WIP property mentioned above in the title for the email. This will allow users to quickly fish through ones not belonging to them. You will have to use a transition action to do this,


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                Lawrence Kiefer

                When and engineer submits a file for approval......waaaay down the line in the workflow after the file has passed through multiple states and transitions and made its way the its resting place in the APPROVED state, this is when the engineer who SUBMITTED the file for approval need to receive an email notification saying his documents were approved. Has anyone figured out how to do this.

                This is so important....way more important than notifying the original person that checked the file in 5 years ago.....so why hasn't solidworks added this feature yet? The guy that initiall checked the file in pretty much never needs to be notified, and seriously that could have happened years ago by people that no longer work in the orginisation right?

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                    Drew Adams

                    Not ideal, but one way I can think of is to put a virtual file, something with a custom extension, or even a simple text file , and have the user check that in when he submits it for approval.  Then when it gets approved, you change the state of both the cad file and the virtual file. 


                    It's kind of a workaround, but by doing that you can acheive the functionality you're after. 


                    By using a custom extension, you can set it up in its own workflow, too.....