Aaron Hayden

Balloon numbers not matching BOM item number

Discussion created by Aaron Hayden on Jan 2, 2007
Latest reply on May 31, 2007 by John Lhuillier
Anyone run into a situation where you balloon items on a different sheet than the sheet with the BOM and the item numbers don't match the BOM? This problem definately occurs when you have multiple configs in your assembly and you set a given part to be different in each config. (i.e. socket head cap screw A is a M6x12 in config 1 and is a M8x25 in config 2). I am currently having trouble with an assembly. I have fixed any of the descrepencies similar to the one I just stated, but the problem still exists. I have noted that if I insert another BOM on the page with the offending ballons, the balloons instantly switch to the correct item numbers, however when I delete the second BOM they switch right back. I've seen other strange BOM/item numbers with SW 2007, anyone else running into this?