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Dynamic highlight large assembly mode the best function ever that was discontinued

Question asked by Richard Wagenaar on Dec 20, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2013 by Richard Wagenaar

Especially with modern high resolution monitors selecting

without dynamic highlight is tedious and causes many

unnecessary misclicks and timeloss.


Most users that started after 2005 won't know or

miss it because they don't know that it ever existed.


Why is Solidworks discontinuing such important functionality?

It would be my top "enhancement" for Solidworks 2015 or

should I say a bug that takes 10 years to fix?


After SW2005 Solidworks removed the option to

have dynamic highlight in large assembly mode.


You could configure this to be on or off till SW2005.


I wonder why this option was ever removed.

It can't be something like a user enhancerequest

because it was an option anyway.

I cannot think of any valid reason, it is one of the

biggest regressions of Solidworks for us.


I sometimes test large assemblies in SW2014 and it is awfull

to see how bad it is compared to SW2005 concerning

the missing dynamic highlighting.

It causes about 5-10% productivity loss and many missclicks.


I have seen many complaints about this in the

last 10 years and I think it is about time to

submit an "enhancerequest" with the modern high

resolution monitors.