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Material Properties in Assembly

Question asked by Mukesh Prasad on Dec 20, 2013

I have an assembly where I typed in the material properties as "SEE BOM" This property is linked to the material field in my drawing title block but for some reason it is not showing up.

I did some checking and I noticed that the material in the custom properties pane shows $PRP:"SEE BOM" and is grayed out. I am thinking that this is the reason why SEE BOM is not showing up in my title block. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this?

Also if I open my assembly templete, the default for assembly is "SEE BOM" and it is not greyed out and shows up in a normal field.


The left picture shows material grayed out in Custom Properties in the task pane

Right picture shows I typed in SEE BOM in the Material field under Custom Properties

Lower Picture shows Material is blank in the drawing title block.The title block is set up to look at Configuration Specific properties.